Floyd Mayweather short odds to beat Connor McGregor

Posted by on 2/12/2016
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With what initially started as pure speculation, the proposed super fight between boxing megastar Floyd Mayweather and Irish UFC champ Connor McGregor recently took an interesting turn as it was revealed McGregor has received a license to box in California.

Far from conclusive evidence given that Mayweather hasn’t fought in California in over 10 years, preferring to stage his fights in the big money markets of Nevada, it did however get William Hill thinking how big could this fight be?

Mayweather is still far and away the biggest name in boxing, undefeated and proven to draw ridiculous money, while McGregor’s star is on the up and up, elevating himself from an MMA fighter into a cultural phenomenon. Would this fight, if ever to eventuate, break the previous Pay Per Record held by Pacquiao vs. Mayweather?

We think yes, offering up $1.20. The fight would capture a global audience and pair off a legend against arguably the most popular athlete in the plant at the moment.

If you don’t think this potential fight has the same pedigree as Pacquiao vs. Mayweather or the appeal in the Asian markets where Pacquiao is so beloved then William Hill is offering up $4.35 for the record not to be broken.


 Full market

Will the fight break the Pay Per View Record?

Yes – $1.20

No – $4.35


For the record, William Hill has the actual fight priced up below:

Floyd Mayweather – $1.10

Connor McGregor – $6.50.

* All Offers and Promotions posted in this article excludes NSW residents.