Australian Open Tennis Tips, Odds & Betting

australian-open-bettingThe Australian Open of tennis rolls into Melbourne midway through January each year and being the first Grand Slam of the year can often be the most unpredictable tournament but also offer the best value for punters.

Betting on the Australian Open is popular due to the huge amount of markets throughout the tournament and the wide range of factors that can influence a match.

Australian Open Match Betting

When you’re betting on a match in the Australian Open it’s important to take into account a number of factors depending on your chosen market. There can be literally hundreds of different markets on any given match so it’s important to try narrow it down to a market you can bet with confidence.

The most popular betting markets in the Australian Open include head-to-head betting, correct set betting, game line betting and winner of the first set.

The Australian Open is played on a hardcourt surface so many punters prefer to stick to players who have goof form on this surface. Novak Djokovic is notoriously hard to beat on a hard playing surface.

As this is the first Grand Slam of the year it’s also important to take note of players form leading up to the tournament. Many players can be quite rusty leading up to the tournament so value can often be found in lesser known players who have been quietly working their way up the ranks.

A Grand Slam is different to most tennis tournaments, every men’s match in a Grand Slam can go up to 5 sets before a winner is decided. ATP tournaments are decided in 3 sets. So if you think a match could be closely contested then it might be worth seeing which player has the better record over 5 sets.

Australian Open Futures Betting

Keen punters and tennis followers love to bet on the futures markets on the Australian Open. Both the Men’s and Women’s titles can be bet throughout the year while the men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles can be bet on leading up to and throughout the tournament.

The Australian Open men’s singles champion attracts the most interest but the women’s singles champion is often the most open in betting.

In the Men’s betting it’s important to keep track of the top players and any players who may look to be quickly working up the ranks. In recent history Novak Djokovic has proven to be one of the fiercest competitors at the Australian Open winning the 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016 mens championship. It’s also worth noting that Andy Murray has finished runner up on 5 occasions at the Open.

The Australian Open Ladies championship has proven to be a little more open in recent years. Serena Williams is a 6 time winner and continues to attract betting support each and every year despite only winning the championship once in the past 6 years.

Australian Open Multi-Betting

The Australian Open attracts all kind of punters but multi-betting plays a huge role in all types of Open punters. With the number of matches played over a two week period there’s no surprise so many people are placing multi’s on the Australian Open.

A keen tennis follower of even a well researched punter can often find value and when you add the legs up you can increase your potential winnings.

It’s not uncommon to see multi-bets with 10 or more legs and each year you see a number of ‘hail mary’ long shot multi bets get up.

How do I bet on the Australian Open Tennis?

Looking to bet on the Australian Open Tennis? Betting online is surprisingly easy. There are a range of bookmakers you can bet with including Neds and Ladbrokes. Once you've selected an online bookmaker you'll be able to create an account and make a deposit in minutes! Once your account is set up you'll be able to browse all the Australian Open Tennis markets and place your bet.

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