Bookmaker offering odds on Zooper Doopers to sell out in Sydney

Posted by on 11/1/2017
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• Sportsbet are offering odds of $5,001 for the Sydney Harbour Bridge to melt!
• Sydney is tipped to be hotter than Singapore and Abu Dhabi on Friday.
• Zooper Doopers are an $11 chance to completely sell out.

Sydney is simmering through a sweltering heat today with more intense temperatures on the horizon for Friday.

Online bookmaker is offering odds on the wider effects of the uncomfortable conditions with some interesting options if you fancy a flutter!

The bookie is quoting $5,001 that the Sydney Harbour Bridge will begin to melt and similar odds for the Archibald Fountain to boil over!

With transport systems expected to struggle with the heat, there’s $7.00 on offer for either the buses, trains or ferries to come to a standstill due to overheating.

Mike Baird declaring Friday a public holiday is rated a $11 shot while Waverley Council allowing swimmers to take a dip in Bondi in just their birthday suits is paying $21.

Sydney is the $1.35 favourite to be hotter than traditional hotspots Jakarta ($11), Singapore ($11) and Adu Dhabi ($16) on Friday.

“We’re all struggling with the heat with the frozen aisle in Coles or Woolies really the place to be right now. Hopefully punters can make a dollar or two off some of our markets to ease their way through it,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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Friday Sydney Heatwave Futures

$5.00 Hottest Sydney CBD temp to be broken (45.8)
$7.00 Sydney Trains to breakdown due to overheating
$7.00 Sydney Buses to stop due to overheating
$7.00 Ferries to stop due to overheating
$11 Zooper Doopers to completely sell out in Sydney
$11 People to be broadcast on tv frying eggs on their car bonnets
$11 Premier to declare it a public holiday
$21 Manly Council to declare Manly Beach full and turn away beach-goers
$101 Waverley Council to allow people to bathe naked at Bondi
$5,001 Sydney Harbour Bridge to melt
$5,001 Boy Charlton Pool to evaporate
$5,001 Archibald Fountain to boil

Hottest City Friday 13 January

$1.35 Sydney
$7.50 Darwin
$7.50 Port Moresby
$11 Jakarta
$11 Singapore
$16 Mumbai
$16 Abu Dhabi
$21 Bangkok
$26 Rio De Janeiro
$26 Mexico City
$26 Timbuktu
$26 Cairo

Highest Temperature – Sydney Metropolitan Region

$7.00 Under 39
$5.00 39 – 40.99
$2.50 41 – 42.99
$4.00 43 – 44.99
$5.00 45 or higher

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