Bookmaker opens market on UFO seen over Tasmania

Posted by on 1/3/2017
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Sportsbet opens up a market on the mysterious UFO seen over Tasmania.

Online bookmaker’s market on the UFO flying over Tasmania suggests it was a mere commercial aeroplane, but what if it wasn’t?

  • An aeroplane is the $1.10 favourite
  • Aliens are only a $501 chance

A plane is the $1.10 favourite, but space junk burning up in the earth’s atmosphere is a distinct possibility at $7.50.

Punters can get $21 for it to be a meteor or comet, but the $501 for Aliens is a bit far-fetched!

Speaking of far-fetched, there’s a $5,001 chance the red trail from the object was Pauline Hanson skydiving, or in fact Jacqui Lambie in a cape!

“Yes, yes I know it was probably a plane but we’re not ruling anything out at this stage. We’re leaving it up to the punters to decide,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Get a $501 Sportsbet Bonus

What was spotted flying over Tasmania?

$1.10   Commercial Aeroplane

$7.50   Space Junk

$11      Satellite

$21      A Meteor

$21      A comet

$501    Aliens

$1,001 Tasmanian Tiger

$1,001 The Imperial Force

$5,001 Jacqui Lambie in a cape

$5,001 Pauline Hanson skydiving

$5,001 Easter Bunny

$5,001 Taz the Devil


$1,001   Aliens to be discovered in Tasmania in 2017

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