Odds against Melbourne airport train construction this year

Posted by on 7/4/2017
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The chances of construction starting this year on the proposed Melbourne airport train service are unlikely according to online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au.

The bookie is offering $7.00 for building to begin and $1.07 that it won’t, although they are offering $1.75 that funding will be announced in the upcoming federal budget.

In bad news for Essendon fans, it’s more likely that the train line will begin construction at $1.50 before they win their next flag, offered at $2.50.

“We’ve heard of the road and bridges to nowhere but this is definitely the train to nowhere and the odds suggest we’ll still be waiting for a shovel to go in the sand come next year,’’ said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.


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Will construction on the Melbourne rail link start in the next year?

$1.07     No

$7.00     Yes


What will happen first?

$1.50     Construction on the Melbourne rail link begins

$2.50     Essendon wins their next AFL premiership


Will the Federal Budget include funding for Melbourne Airport rail link?

$1.75     Yes

$2.00     No           


Which party will be in federal government when construction begins?

$1.75     Liberal

$2.00     Labor

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