Punters ask for odds for President Oprah

Posted by on 3/3/2017
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Oprah Winfrey has a real chance to become the next US President…if she wants it.

  • Sportsbet have received requests for odds on Oprah to become the next US President.
  • The celebrity is $4.00 to enter the 2020 race and $16 to win the Democratic nomination.
  • Her chances to become the first female US President pays $34.

Responding to multiple requests for odds on the TV star, online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au are offering $34 Oprah will replace Trump as President in 2020.

Oprah is a $4.00 chance to officially enter the race and $16 to win the Democratic nomination.

Sportsbet have also opened a betting market on who will be the next celebrity President following in the steps of Donald Trump.

It’s here that Oprah finds a spanner in the works as she is rated the second favourite at $6.00 – Kanye West the No.1 candidate at odds of $5.00.

“After watching Trump rise to become President, Oprah must have had her biggest ‘aha moment’ and if she’s serious about entering the race those odds will quickly tumble,’’ said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.


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President Oprah Specials

$4.00   Oprah to officially run for President in 2020

$16      Oprah to win the Democratic Nomination in 2020

$34       Oprah to win the 2020 Presidential Election


Next celebrity US President?

$5.00     Kanye West

$6.00     Oprah

$7.50     Beyoncé

$7.50     Alec Baldwin

$8.00     Steven Colbert

$11         Jay-Z

$16         Tom Hanks

$16         Any Kardashian

$16         Amy Schumer

$16         Jimmy Kimmel

$16         Rosie O’Donnell

$21         Angelina Jolie

$26         Brad Pitt

$26         Snoop Dog

$34         Katy Perry

$34         Jennifer Aniston

$51         Tom Cruise

$51         Eminem

$51         Miley Cyrus

$51         Taylor Swift

$51         Jerry Springer

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