causes a stir with Ben Johnson Android ad

Posted by on 16/5/2017
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Over the weekend, Sportsbet launched an ad campaign introducing our brand new Android app, featuring former Olympic sprinter, Ben Johnson.

We thought it was pretty funny – but sections of the media lost their absolute minds.

Below is a snippet of the calm, measured reporting of the ad.

As you can see, the outrage is so severe you could roast a marshmallow on it.

Even ASADA got stuck in filing a complaint about the ad:

There was just one problem with all of this public outrage though. The public didn’t seem to be outraged at all. In fact, people kinda liked it.

But then there were these outraged members of the public…

And look at these guys. These guys are so outraged they might not be able to carry on!

Finally, who could forget all of these guys? Someone should really check if they’re all ok.

But don’t take our word for it, watch it below and decide for yourselves.

WARNING* Gratuitous use of humour – viewer discretion advised.

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